20151009_085159-1Elementary school assemblies can provide opportunities and perspectives that can be a valuable tool for school administrators. With the rising cost of travel and compressed instructional time, the trend of offering in school field trip alternatives is on the rise. What many school officials are finding is that it makes greater economic sense to offer school assemblies over the traditional off-site field trip. For example, when factoring in staff costs, educational down-time, and travel expenses, the cost of just one grade level field trip could fund multiple assemblies. Of course security concerns also weigh on the minds of today’s administrators making in-house assembly programs even more attractive to that of the traditional field trip.

What Are The Best Elementary School Assemblies To Have?

Many PTA/PTO groups are also looking for assembly programs to help foster exposure to serious life issues such as drug prevention, anti-bullying, character development, Elementary School Assemblies That Are Incredible!suicide prevention and cultural awareness.

Available Elementary School Assemblies Grade Level Supported
Pep Rally K-6th, 7th-12th*
Red Ribbon Week K-6th, 7th-12th*
United We Sing K-6th*
Possibilities! K-6th, 7th-12th*
Rhythm Adventures K-6th, 7th-12th*
Music Is Math 1st-6th*
Music Is Science 1st-6th*
Music Is Language 1st-6th*
*Versions vary based on grade level
Instruments used in our assemblies

Instruments used in our assemblies

Other Awesome Elementary School Assembly Ideas Include

Of course assemblies can be used to help

Consider a family fun night as well

We offer special discounts when booking multiple programs or when adding a family fun night to the schedule. Family fun nights are an effective tool for bringing parents to the school who might not otherwise be seen. Some schools use family fun nights as a means to raise much needed funds for the school coffer. Whether for fundraising or simply to raise fun, a family fun night can be just what your school needs to develop a positive school ethos that affirms your school’s identity and aspirations.

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