Adolescents Involved With Music Do Better In School

In a 2009 research study by Ohio State University’s Darby E. Southgate, MA, and Vincent Roscigno, Ph.D., two nationally representative data sources were used to analyze patterns of music involvement and possible effects on math and reading performance for both elementary and high school students. The results were astounding. The full story can be found on the Science Daily web site, but what do you think? Do you think music can impact your students as the research suggests?

One thought on “Adolescents Involved With Music Do Better In School

  1. Christian Aubert

    My wife teaches voice and piano and our daughter naturally was attracted to these disciplines. It gave her a lot of confidence and a lot of drive. She also got the idea that learning can be fun. If sports is important for the development of a child, music is invaluable as well and the practice can be done at home.
    One World Rythm has shown that music can also be a team experience done at any age.
    I am impressed by the success of this young company which is mainly due to the determination and the generosity of Pete Ellison who was able to organise all these wonderful events. When music enters your life, it’s in it for ever. Pete has brought music into many lives already and we wish him and his team a long and successful career.


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