a budget friendly school assembly

When you think of pep rally’s what comes to mind? Like most, you probably reflect back to your days in high school when everyone gathered in the gym at lunch time to rally support for the upcoming game. Clean fun, live music and a rallying cheer were all part of the school spirit mix at these events.

With four tweets of the whistle the downbeat begins! Want to kick off a campaign or project at your school with a cool school assembly and a big bang? Pep Rally fits the bill. A sprinkle of driving collegiate-style music, plenty of fun and interactive rhythm games are all part of the festivities. Pep Rally is the perfect program to motivate the troupes and move your message down field. Each student will be issued a drum to use during the course of this 30 minute program.

Looking for a budget friendly school assembly that won’t break the bank?

Pep Rally is a budget friendly school assembly designed for schools working with limited funds and/or limited time considerations. Although this program is shorter in length (30 minutes) than the rest of our program offerings, it packs a punch that will definitely have your students up on their feet and talking about their experience for weeks thereafter.

Mickey Hart once said: “There’s nothing like music to relieve the soul and uplift it.” Pep rally is the cool school assembly that does just that. Your students, faculty and Staff will be bouncing out the door with excitement.

A budget friendly school assembly does not mean you have to sacrifice quality of service. We are very mindful of the rigors placed on today’s parent groups. We know how budgets are tight and greater demands have been placed on PTA/PTO organizations to pick up the slack. Our commitment to you is to provide you with a school assembly experience that will not waste time, money or resources. cool school assembly

Our cool school assemblies are loved by kids and teachers alike. Suggested uses for this program include: Kick off of State testing week, welcome back to school week, school’s out week, drum up awareness week, the launch of a big fundraising campaign…we could go on and on but you get the idea. The bottom line here is that school assembly programs don’t have to cost a fortune.

A budget friendly school assembly? Now that’s INCREDIBLE!