cooltext136033155985983From the early days of Plato, harmony was considered a fundamental branch of physics, now known as musical acoustics. Early Indian and Chinese theorists also showed similar approaches: all sought to show that the mathematical laws of harmonics and rhythms were fundamental not only to our understanding of the world but to human well-being. Ancient Chinese, Egyptians, and Mesopotamians are all known to have studied the mathematical principles of sound and space. It is no wonder modern societies have placed emphasis and value on mathematics as a core element of study. But what of music and the arts? Can modern educational methods have it all?

Music Is Math Workshop

Music is math is a hands on music workshop. Your students will each be provided a percussion instrument to use as they discover concepts such as rhythm, meter, timing, space, collective music making, and music notation. Music Is Math aids in the Common Core relationship between the art of music and mathematics.

With Music is math students will:

  • Create an easy rhythm wheel tool to help segment beats and space.
  • Learn to draw basic music notation such as Whole Notes, Half Notes, Quarter Notes & Sixteenth Notes
  • Play rhythm patterns that they create using the provided instrumentation
  • Discover the connection between simple fractions and note duration
  • Unlock an easy way to read the treble cleff (hint: They key is in the palm of your hand)
  • Experience a fun math music school assembly they are sure to remember for a long long time
  • Incredible School Assemblies by One World Rhythm is the school assembly entertainment you will want to have out to your school year after year.

    Students are most receptive when they are engaged, having fun and most importantly grasping the subject matter. Our visual, auditory, tactile and creative presentation will bring a fun, value-packed experience that you and the school staff will consider to be incredible.

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    Music is Math!