preschool programsA growing trend among preschool owners / administrators is to search for quality preschool programs that they can bring to their school to reward their pupils or to provide enhanced learning opportunities.

Studies have shown that music enrichment / movement preschool programs can play a critical role in early child development and help to stimulate activity in both the cardiovascular and vestibular systems.

Assembly & Residency Preschool Programs Available

One World Rhythm has developed both an assembly style presentation of Rhythm Adventures as well as short term or long term residency preschool programs. Our in-class residency program provides a 30 minute music and movement session and is generally broken into 3 groups (2 year olds, 3 year olds & 4/5 year olds). Sessions include apreschool programs mix of exciting and creative music making with many songs to reinforce classroom lessons such a hygiene, nutrition, character development, counting, alphabet, etc. We incorporate movement activities to develop motor skills, balance and coordination. An instrument exploration component is also introduced which provides lots of tactile exposure to a variety of percussion and other musical instruments.

The Rhythm Adventures assembly program is patterned after our popular elementary school Rhythm Adventures program but with younger skill sets in mind. The Rhythm Adventures preschool assembly program can be used with either small or large groups and also makes an excellent family night, holiday activity, or school fundraiser.

preschool programsOne World Rhythm enjoys many repeat appearances to the schools that we visit as teachers and administrators appreciate the quality and value of material that is presented to their students. If you would like additional information on our preschool programs or to receive a quote, please complete the form below.

preschool programsListen to 3 year old Rhythm Adventurers

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