“Hey:  I wanted to let you both know how much I enjoyed your performances at Juniper.  When I looked around the cafeteria I was in awe of how our students were responding to the rhythm and beat.  Our special needs children were totally engaged.  All of them were actively involved using the instruments.   For me this is the greatest learning of all.  My kindergarten children have been speaking of their time with you since.  We think that we will make some instruments of our own and use them to compliment our curriculum.  The performance was outstanding.  You both are relaxed and comfortable leading the  celebration.  I look forward to your coming next year.  It’s the biggest treat for all of us especially me.”
Judy Taft – Teacher, Juniper Elementary School

“The children absolutely enjoyed the program!”
Melissa Martinez – Long Beach City College Children’s Center

“…it was the best assembly I ever went to…”
Natasha – Third Grade Student

“One World Rhythm provides an engaging program that is exciting and creative. The kids at my program ranged in age from toddler to teenager, and all participated from start to finish…”
Lisa Schloss – Librarian, JC Fremont Branch Library

“If you don’t have a music program at your school, this is a lovely introduction to music and rhythm for your students.”
Sarah Kates-March – Sakamoto Elementary School

“This was one of the best assemblies we have ever had. I think not only the students had a great time, but also the teachers.”
Eileen Malott – Juan Cabrillo School

“…One World Rhythm…is a treat for the mind, heart and soul. You’ll laugh, you’ll feel a connection to self and others and you’ll surprise yourself at how musical you really are…”
KRS Edstrom – Student Stress & Anger Management Program

“…I think the assembly was the best thing I ever done…”
Sean – Third Grade Student

“An entertaining and hands-on learning experience for Pre-Kindergarten aged children. This assembly will grab their attention, have them moving, and excited for more!”
Lydia Fedorak – The Little Tree Preschool

“The assembly was definitely engaging for ALL students. It was an assembly where all attending were allowed to be continuously interacting.”
Victoria AlarconElsinore Elementary School

“…all ages were engaged in this wonderful program…”

“It was amazing. Our kids had a great time, and so did the teachers. One teacher even commented that she thought the teachers had more fun than the students!! The kids were engaged for the entire hour that you presented, and I am still hearing them talking about the instruments and everything they got to participate in. I don’t think I have seen that many smiles in one place at the same time!”
Lynn MeadowHeather Elementary School

“…My favorite part was the drums…”
Theodore – Second Grade Student